About us

The advent of Technology through Computers and Publishing softwares pushed the State of the Art Manual Typesetting farther. At TextMasters our Team has evolved through a cumulative experience of 30+ years understanding the nuances of matching the source with Fonts and Layouts and delivering high quality composition services through continuous process improvements.

Our Process flow ensures error free print ready file formats including eBook/ePub Conversions.

Multi Level
Quality Control
Final output
through Secure FTP

We deliver high quality services through defining functionalities and make the eBook do what it is supposed to do. We provide generic eBook formatting that are compatible to multiple browsers and common reading devices, such as:

- Apple

- Kindle

- Nook

- Adobe Digital Editions


Finished files are validated for all primary formats and tested on multiple eReader devices. Integrating the eBook creation process into the composition workflow provides benefits in quality, time, and cost for our Clients.

-> Technical Assets

-> 24/7 Team Availability e-Mail/Skype/Voice call

-> Uninterrupted Power Supply

-> Back Up Internet Bandwiths (3 nos.)

-> Secure FTP(File Transfer Protocol) Server for Transfer of Files

-> Dedicated Client Data Server/Backups

Our clients include Publishers of Journals, Novels and Books for the following Categories:

1. Technical

2. Scientific

3. Medical Books/Journals

4. Educational

5. Social Science

6. Health & Fitness

7. Food